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I have been a therapist for over 20 years. At its best, counseling and therapy should provide a space and a relationship where you can discover new ways of being in the world.  Counseling is a place where exploration can occur without judgement, where feelings can be explored and better understood.  Within the therapeutic relationship, you should find a safe place for the expression of your ideas, fears, and struggles, as well as your hopes and desires.  

By listening attentively and with curiosity about your experience, a therapist can better understand your history and your current life and help you uncover old patterns that may be causing difficulties, as well as identifying strengths within you that you can expand and grow toward where you want to be and how you would like to feel.

Each client I work with experiences the world in their own unique and interesting way. Every person has an internal experience of relationships and ways of thinking that are specific to the individual. Together we can respectfully explore those places and build on what is helping, as well as challenge approaches that are causing distress or imbalance.

Life will present challenges. Our plans can shift and we can experience struggle. Indeed, life can be hard sometimes. Whether you are looking to improve on what is already working, grow in an area of challenge or work toward healing long held trauma, you deserve a kind and attentive, open and curious, skilled professional that will work with you toward your goals.

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